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um hi developer I have an issue it doesnt open the rar file it just shows an add then it shows and file investigator but hıow do I open it on mac

Nothing in options menu, no inventory and axe doesn't do anything when hitting trees or rock nodes.

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i will grant feedback because you ask for comments, i see no save function so i will check it out. if i like it and it has a save function i will tip. brb with feedback content

i play it. i farmed 200 wood and the tree did not fall down. lol destructable and sustainable environment is #1 objective with survival games. also change coal to charcoal because you cannot find coal on an island very easily. however you can make charcoal with fire. its almost the same but burns less. the game just needs alot of work. take stranded 2 for example, it is a very similar and complete game. follow its example.

Thanks for your feedback. In the moment I programming a save system. The video on the website is a new version. But the publish of the new version is not this week. I will realize your feedback. Thanks a lot SimiGames

hey man so i ran the game and like alot of the controls not making sense ... and the exe dose crash but man this is sooo cool tho but wen will the next update come and did you use c# to code it (i know a little python but no c#) I my self want to develop a game but i dont know ware to start

and last thing so what is your plan with the game like wen do you intend to finnish the game by ..??

hey ata211'

Yes i removed the old JavaScript Script AMD replace the scripts with new and better C# scripts.

The update is not far away.


are you useing unity

yes i use unity 5


high quality

what do you mean?

its a joke by a youtuber